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Hello from Germany


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Hi all,

scince thursday I'm a surface owner. I have been reading the for for a few weeks now.

I do have a question right away. I read the thread on how to see the Content of the other Country stores.
But when I Change the Location Setting only the store front page changes. When I go into the categories or search the store it will only look in the german store.
I tried to find mobile.hd and great Windows app, but couldn´t. Fhotoroom was on the front page of the U.S. store and I could install it.



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Aw: Hello from Germany

Hi Fehleinkauf,

I tested the trick mentioned above and after restarting the store it had gone for the us-version instantly. Maybe you could restart your surface?

Btw: Welcome to this forum, I hope you'll enjoy your Surface :)


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I found the problem and a solution. In the store settings there is a slider for "find apps in preferred language faster", if this is on it will only show me apps in my language setting in my case only german apps were shown. Turn it off and everything is shown