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Solved Not Booting


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You could try putting it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, I've heard of people getting a unit to power up that way but it's not a sanctioned technique just a part of Internet lore.


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The only other thing I can think of is running it till the battery is dead and then pressing the power button for 10-15 seconds to remove any discharge. Then plug the power cord back in and give it a few minutes before pushing the power button to boot it up.

Hopefully it isn't fully charged as I know you have no way that I can think of to determine when/if the battery is fully discharged? I used to work at Staples and I would see laptops from time to time that were dead and removing the battery and power cord, then pressing the power button did the trick needed.

But I have no idea how you can drain it or know when it is drained!


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I'm having the exact same issue. SP3 i7, no amount of timed button combos have any result. Also my device is heating up -fans and all - even though it appears off?

Edit: just tried after leaving it to drain, the screen flashed on with a battery indicator. Seriously what is wrong with this thing? Also I think charging £29 just to call is ridiculous?!
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Sorry for not getting back to this thread to let everyone know what's going on.

We took the Surface Pro 3 to a Microsoft Store. It turns out that it had to do with a Windows 10 update/upgrade. He managed to get it booted somehow and downloaded some application from the Microsoft website that solved the problem. Apparently the application stops the update and runs it in a different way which resolves the problem. I'm sorry I can't find the application, or remember what it was called. If I do find out, I'll post here with a link.


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Excellent. Thanks for posting.

If the freezer trick had worked, Microsoft may have installed a freezer in their stores.
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