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Help on new Surface2 (RT), screen, protective 'film'.


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Hi, just got a new surface2, thought it was about time to jump on the tablet wagon.

Everything is going smooth so far, besides one little thing, and this may be stupid. The screen, you know the usual protective film that companies put over screens right, and small bubbles of air will form under it wich you can then push out.. Well my surface had 4 of them, pressed the down and they went flat, giving a little distortion to the pixels behind. What the hell, I'll just remove the film, was going to sooner or later anyway.. But now I am not so sure it is supposed to me removed? It is seated quite firmly all around the edges and I dont want to apply force if its an integrated part of the build. So that is sort of my question? Removable or not? Otherwise its going back for a replacement :). Thanks.


My Surface had no screen protector on it. It was wrapped in cellophane.

Did you get this from MS, or maybe it was a return at a store that someone had installed one?


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If you bought it brand new, there should not be anything on the screen.

If you bought it used, the previous owner might have added a screen protector. To leave it on or not is entirely up to you.