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Surface Pro 4 - New Screen Big Pixels?


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Hi All,

My Surface Pro 4 got the screen flicker as it had the old design flawed Samsung Panel. Following the guidance from:


I decided to go ahead and give the SP4 a new lease of life, I purchased a 512GB SSD, a new battery, new thermal paste (Kyronaut) and of course the Surface Pro 5 LG Panel with the new ribbon cable. All went well but for the life of me I can't quite see this being normal. The pixels seem huge, the text seems distorted again like a screen resolution issue. I've taken some photos of both Windows 11 and some screenshots from the UEFI BIOS to rule out any little driver issues. The resolution is set to the SP4's maximum with the screen scaling at 200%, anything less makes it worse!

Hopefully an owner can direct compare one or two of these images like the Surface splash screen and UEFI text and confirm whether it's definitely off.

The panel I purchased was a refurbished from eBay, Aida64 pulls all the LG screen panel details but to me I can't help but feel like this is a 1080p panel outputting a 4k resolution.


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Weird.... Would several different sorts of resolutions be available? Never heard of it
Hi mate,

No, there aren't other variations which came with lower resolutions. However, these screens for the surface pro 4 and more can be purchased from places like Alibaba which sometimes sell genuine things for cheap or it does sell a lot of fake items. In this case I wouldn't necessarily rule out the possibility of getting a 1080p panel and using the original controller boards. Also its very common for this to happen with phone screens, when replaced they are visually worse in terms or brightness and colours.

The only thing I could think to do in the mean time is download and view a true 4K test image, the image contains black and white pixels but if the panel cannot output 4k pixels all you'll see is one of the two colours resulting in a grey looking image rather than individual black and white pixels.


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It's been a while since I've been using my surface and after looking at the screen again I realised it's actually blank horizontal lines, if you zoom in it likes 1 horizontal line of pixels work, and the next line down is a strip of black which really hinders the quality of text. I'm not too sure what to try yet, I've downloaded the surface pro 4 firmware package but if that doesn't work it may be a hardware issue, I did try the old screen but it's the same so it would be on the port side.