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Help with my Surface Pro 3 Pen

Zo Shah

New Member
Hi guys

I have been trying to write with my pen recently but I've been noticing something.

When my pen is hovering over the screen, it starts writing even though I'm not making contact with the screen. This actually makes my writing look very sloppy and creates small lines that shouldn't be there. I only want the pen to write when it is actually making contact with the screen. Anyone have an idea of how to change this? Thanks in advance :)

eric anderson

New Member
That happened to me but unfortunately i had purchased a backup pen the day before and started using that. I think it might be the battery but i havent had a chance to grab a new one yet. I'll try that and let you know.
The backup pen (htc) works great


Remove the battery, wait 3 secs and insert it again. Its the pen technology that sucks. Sometimes it helps to ground the pen, to get rid of electrostatic charge.
All surface pens seem to have this problem. At least mine few. Its not related with the energy left available in the battery.
Some days the effect does not happen, on other days one could throw the SP3 onto the wall...


New Member
Yes, a battery pull is the only way that I have figured out to get rid of this.

Sometimes you will get the situation where your lines will be very thick and act contrary to your settings in the Surface app. Again, a battery pull will usually fix this.