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Hestitant to post this but since replacement been perfect


I had my SB Pro replaced a few days ago by MS.

I use my laptop a lot, easily 6-7 hours per day so it gets a lot of heavy use and in a lot of different situations so I am always closing/opening it which left me with a ton of sleep issues.

So far this new one has been flawless. Not a single issue waking, crashing, etc...I had one crash when I first got it out of the box but was that before the updates.

My old SB Pro had a myriad of never ending problems that never were solved regardless of the updates.

The only difference between my old and new is I have not yet joined this to my domain at the office. Should not make a difference but other than that its just like old laptop. Office 2016 installed via 365 and Visio 2016, nothing else.
Depending on the domain configuration that could make a difference. Others have had issues specific to joining a domain. It depends on the policies being used.

Not trying to jinx you. ;)
Doesn't sound like much of a domain. ;);)

Its not meant to be. 90 percent of what we do is either in SharePoint, MSP software, etc....if it wasn't for QuickBooks could probably just get away with Azure domain services.

Now it makes me wonder what we do have...have to look and see.