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SB Dents...


Does your SB dent easily, or develop dents that you cannot trace back?

I've owned 15+ laptops in the past 5 years, nature of work I am always changing them out. One thing I am careful of is there condition since I tend to sell them so quickly.

This is my 2nd SB, first was replaced by Microsoft. It had a small dent in it, not sure where it came from. My 2nd I've had for about 3 months and just picked it up to find a dent in the case again. Everyone in our office has SB's for SP4's and they all have some kind of dent/damage to them.

My past few laptops included a few X1 Carbons and MB Pro's. They saw heavy use in a lot of places and never had this kind of easy damage.

I've dropped and damaged laptops before but these things seem so fragile.

I'm wondering if dry ice will pop it back in place. Is it not creased, no surface damage, just a dimple.

It has been a great device since they fixed all the problems. It gets heavy use in a lot of different environments but the fragility of the case itself, if they truly want to compete, is something they should address.

I was always amazed how well the Carbon's held up. The bottoms of them tended to scratch pretty easily but other than that they were very tough. MB Pro goes without saying, although there is a tendency to scrape the edges they were something you remembered doing. Not just something that pops up.

I put it in my bag when I left the office, and I keep nothing else in the bag, well padded, and pulled it out when I get home, used it for a few and put it down. Pick it up and a dent.


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Can't say I've ever experienced this (only read about it I think in one other instance). Personally, my surfaces (S3, SP3, SP4) all get kicked around, chucked in a messenger bag covered in brass zips, metal pens, power adapters, knives, coins, whatever, never an issue, not even a scratch.


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+1 on @hughlle experience. No dents. No scratches. SP2 Pro, SP3 Pro, SB traveling around the world and also on geologic field trips through rugged terrain.

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Mine has taken a few trips in my motorcycle truck, bouncing around, in a neoprene sleeve. Haven't noticed any dents. But then, I am also firmly convinced that to have stuffed everything into this that is stuffed in, they had to make the metal very thin. It does worry me and I have been careful.


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I never experience dents, I owned Surface Pro 4 even. What bothers me is that, at times I'd find very little blemishes on paint finish like spots. Although small, but still.


I've had a few SP3's and while I've never had a dent, I got scratches all the time. After the first couple, I've been seriously careful with where I place it. Only ever on it's type cover when put down and always in a case when I travel. I finally caved the other day and bought a skin. Not happy about it, but I'm just too scared of getting scratches and ruining resale value.


Actually my base did get a small dent when I accidentally dropped my SB on a hard surface. It doesn't impact anything and I do have the MS Complete coverage in case I ever want to replace it.
Another rocksniffer (geologist) here. I'm travelling with my stuff often to field and never (knock the wood) had dent of scratch. Using Book in field to get data from leveloggers (groundwater), to program them, get the notes into scanned maps and field notebooks. Only thing I'm missing is integrated GPS.


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I do fully agree with the OP.
the housing is incredibly fragile compared to any previous notebook i have had. I also owned SP2 and 3, but they used to be in a protective case, so i cannot comment on them.
I am now on my 3rd SB, and I am keeping my fingers crossed, because it behaves so much better thermically than any of the predecessors. (actually i really wonder how it comes that identical models should behave so differently and am asking myself wether they changed something to the hardware secretly..)
Anyway: The housing of the SB is so thin, it actually gets bent when the SB gets hot.
Has no one noticed a change in the shape of the upper cover over the time? When it is new, that one is completely flat, as one should expect. The 2 devices I previoulsy owned got so hot, and the material of the cover is so thin, that it actually got soft enough to bend....so that when one would go with the flat hand over the top side of the SB, one would notice that it was not even anymore...They wanted to make it as light and thin as they thought possible..but they went too far...clear to me.
Also: One of the devices stood open on the armrest of my sofa. it lost the balance, slid over the edge of the armrest and fell on the carpet. While sliding from the armrest, the cover touched the corner of a wooden table that stands next to the sofa. that corner is 4 inches away from the armrest....pls. have a look at the picture and see what an ugly dent this "collision" left on the SB....I am now wearing sunglasses when looking at my new SB...i sure don't want it to get damaged should i once stare at it with my naked eye...:)
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Mine has bulges along the back of the display case since day 1. As if the back was laid over something that was sticking out too far. I am strongly considering exchanging it as its only a month old.