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Figured I have been lurking long enough so it was time to make my account! My names Chris and I'm an engineer down here in sunny south florida. Been wanting a surface for awhile for travel and my weekend web browsing at Starbucks, and have been shopping around for a good deal on a SP3.

Well, cut to two weeks ago and I was placing the display for the new SP4 and SB for Microsoft in Best Buy (I do some weekend part time work for a merchandising company that Microsoft contracts out to, placing new signage out and making sure displays work etc.) and two of the S3 displays were called to be removed. I talked to the store manager and he decided instead of having the display sit in the back and get stolen by one of the store workers he would rather sell me the display at a deep deep discount.

So long story short I finally got the surface I had been wanting. It's not the pro like I would have liked but for a nice little web browsing device it serves its purpose. I'm really excited to be a part of the community and hope to learn even more!