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Hi from Perth, Western Australia.


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Was finally able to get my SP3 i3 64GB a few weeks back, budget only allowed the i3 64GB, but I'm not complaining. The SP3 is my EDC (Everyday Carry) Tablet and Laptop and I use it everyday, even in the car waiting for my kids at school and as I write this waiting to pick my daughter up from her dance class, here is a photo showing how I balance it.

I have an Urban Armor Gear Scout case on my SP3, one of the best cases in market in my view

I am new to the Surface formatt but not to Windows and Windows Phones we currently all have Lumia's, I have the 930, my Wife has the 735 and my three kids (14,12 and 7) all have 630's.

Well hope to learn heaps here and meet some like minded people.




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Hi, Jace,

You've found the right place to gush or gripe about your new baby, and get good parenting advice.
I often fall on the gush side, since Surface is still young, and has such promise!

Mine is also dressed up in an Urban Armor Gear.

Check out
SP3 in the Wild and Rugged Case



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A belated welcome and dude there's something wrong with your transport, the shifter is on the wrong side. :D


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It would definitely be weird driving on the other side of the road.

I lived in the UK for a while and across the channel driving on the wrong side of the road took a while for the mind to adjust.

It is the one thing too that can never be changed unlike say going metric as the roads would need to be completely redesigned.

I'm sure that on Wikipedia there will be the full history on how it came to be so.