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Post your SP3's in the WILD!


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I was at work the other day, and like most days I had my SP3 out in a location away from my office. So I got to thinking- I wonder what kinds of different locations YOU guys take your SP3's? Like @sharpcolorado talks about doing geological work out and about. Well, show off your SP3 doing its thing in some of those locations!

Nothing is too grand, or too humble! Some guys probably use their SP3's in their woodshop or mechanics in their garage for YouTube videos. Some photographers probably use their SP3's in some beautiful or amazing locations- let's see your SP3 in those places!

Basically, show off your SP3 working outside of the office- whether it be a small shop, the Grand Canyon, the boardroom, whatever! Show off your SP3 in the wild!

I''l start. This is my SP3 at a couple different company sites, programming security keypads.

Photo Dec 15, 7 45 27 PM (Medium).jpg
Photo Dec 15, 7 56 35 PM (Medium).jpg
I was in a Panera Bread store yesterday. Saw 2 people with what looked like SP3s and asked. They both were pleased to say yes. Separate tables. I'm seeing more and more and have customers purchasing more and more of them.
I haven't seen one in the wild, except my own. Everyone looks at mine when I'm using it, though.
Me too. In my case, lots of people are asking what kind of thing that is. Especially when I have the kickstand open or when I use it to take notes in lectures. Pretty much 80% of the time. Take note that I have a pen loop attached on the tablet (not MS pen loop), so that might attract some attention too. And I don't have the Type Cover, so the 'signature' of SP3 is not there.

When they ask me though, most of them are turned off when they hear about the price. Clearly MS should make the RT-based Surface 3 with --here's the most important thing-- the same exterior design, kickstand, and pen as the SP3. I could happily mention that "the $300 version is also available".

Just today I left the car at home and took my Surface Pro 3 and a Geiger counter out on my Vespa. I find it easier to make stops along the twisty mountain roads with the Vespa. I am a frequent poster at ModernVespa.com .

I was out with the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879. For fun, I was tracing out some Uranium-rich rocks in the Rocky Mountains, and collecting minerals. But I also took time to measure the marked increase in Beta radiation apparently from the Fukishima post-tsunami accidents of March, 2011, as it spreads across North America.

My Surface Pro 3 and my iPhone are protected out in the Wild in Urban Armor Gear Rogue cases for both. Works in the office, too.

Now posting this with some warm coffee on the way home. I really like my Surface Pro 3. And my Vespa. They both have kickstands.










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Airport Security I've gone through in Canada have been a bit puzzled by the Surface Pro 3, one has asked more about it. I saw a girl on the plane with it watching a movie.
I haven't seen any besides mine except at one doctor's office and he got his after I was using mine to take notes while meeting with him. I've had quite a few people admire it and ask about it though.
I saw one Surface Pro 3 at a café not long before I bought mine, and one day another guy and I were both working on ours at a bar. A lot of people ask me about it, and many of them recognize it as a Surface before they ask.
Very nice Vespa @sharpcolorado, I used to have a Piaggio XEvo scooter, I love scoots - the Vespa is the nicest lookiing though. I had a go on a GTS300 Sport once it was LOVELY, but I needed the extra weather protection of the Xevo
I saw a lady in her mid sixties using one in a Starbucks yesterday.

Tsurugaya --

Ok, I just gotta ask (all in good fun, of course): Why was that extraordinary? I've got a decade on her, and I am right now setting up a new SP3 for Ladyfriend (whose age I cannot divulge, except to say that she enjoyed both her mid and late sixties) to cart around rural China for a few weeks twice a year. It is a replacement for her SP1 which has already made a number of such trips.
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