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Hi from Pyrmont, Sydney.


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Hey folks!

Got my Surface RT about 10 days back and loving it! No issues so far other than the reported wi-fi one which is sure to get updated soon, as MS seems to be proactive with updates so far. Patch Tuesday for December should be a good one :)

My partner loves Surface RT so much she's about to order one too! So we'll have 2 Windows Phones and Surfaces in the house :) Our chosen tech ecosystem is working pretty nicely. :)
Welcome Hubster. Any Windows 8 computers to go with the phones and tablets? You might not need one now that you have the Surface. Did you get a touch or type cover?
At the moment we're both running Windows Phone 7. My partner has her Lumia 800, I have my Lumia 900 (about to get replaced with a Lumia 820 due to some bugs with my Lumia 900 which Optus are happy to replace it with). No Windows 8 machines just yet, but I'll be changing that soon: desktop and notebooks running Windows 7 will need upgrading, and we both love Metro anyway :) As for covers... Touch Covers so far, but I think a Type Cover needs to be the go soon.
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