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Hi From Somewhere in Canada


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Just joined. Already picked up some helpful info-so thanks! Have had Surface Pro about 1 week. l am very pleased-my impression is that almost every so-called weakness I had read so much about is (at least for me) a non-issue- it's not too heavy, not too noisy, not too hot, plenty of memory, etc. So far the only point that I think has merit is that the pen docks in same place as power cord-this just strikes me as an uncharacteristically poor design choice for an otherwise well-designed product. Looking forward to enjoying the forum!
Welcome to the forum. Glad you're so pleased with your Surface and glad that you join the forum.
Congrats and welcome. Yes, the pen dock is something of a subject. Basically you just have to take it that it is a spot of convenience for temporarily holding the stylus, nothing more.