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Hi, new 2017, i7/16/512gb owner here


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Hi to all on the forum here...

Just bought my first new main machine in about six years. Is now just a few days old...

Had been teaching myself video editing and old ye faithful laptop finally gave in under the strain, so this time bought as much power as I could stretch the budget to.

Fly a lot for both work and leisure, live and work in different countries, so wanted something powerful yet portable and not need to take out every time at airport security. (Last laptop got dropped twice in six years at airport security and was never to run the same again).

Have had a few minor issues including first type cover keyboard replaced within 12hrs of purchase. MS live tech support have been really helpful...

Currently dealing with stuttering audio after what is so far an indeterminable trigger event, first noticed when editing videos, clears itself when put to sleep and woken up again or device restarted.

Also frustrating sometimes is device becoming disconnected from Surface Arc Touch mouse at sleep, cured by stopping and restarting bluetooth or restarting device, yet don't seem to have the same connectivity bother with my headphones, which do indeed reconnect easily and automatically after sleep.

Overall am reasonably happy so far, will be better if can get a few of the little bugs sorted.