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hi! new sp7 user


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i just bought surface pro 7.
i liek it very much but i read a lot of negative reviews for battery life, and a lot of stuff at all, so i'm more confuse then before.

i'm making some tests and today i started to work in a pretty hard way (a lot of edge tabs, ms access and outlook) at 11 am, then at 6 pm i had 9% of charge.
maybe i had a pause of 1 hour but i had an 1 hour (more or less) teams meeting, so it seems not so bad.

i always use it on battery save mode, just letting onedrive and edge syncing.

do you have any tips to battery save? someone has some experiences to share about?

i like it very much, but i'm still evaluating.

Then, i'd like to know the best way to preserve health of the battery, if i have to keep it plugged (seems not) or letting it discharge