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Hi all. I've finally bought a 64gb Surface RT.....and I love it. I wish I'd bought one sooner!

If anyone has any pointers/recommendations for apps etc. it'd be appreciated!





These are the ones I have so far:

Skype - Staying in touch with your contacts very easily
Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia
TeamViewer - remotely connect to a computer/laptop via wifi
Fhotoroom - Powerful image editing
Xbox SmartGlass - Use your tablet as a remote control. Able to send/play music and videos depending on Xbox membership
Shazam - Discover more about music and identify them
Sudoku - A number puzzle game
Youtube MP3 & Videos download - Able to download music and video format which you can save to watch later
Nyan Cat The Game - Nyan Cat Game
Western Digital Technologies - Optimized to read from WD external drives
MetroTwit - A Twitter client with a sleek interface
Notable - Paid App, works well with stylus. Able to export notes as an image format
Uncompressed - Able to unarchive compressed files. Doesn't support password archived files to my knowledge
Screen Sleep Preventer - While this app is active, it prevents your tablet from going to sleep.
Social Uploader - Was free before, but it helps you upload many photos to Facebook very easily
Notepad Classic - A very simple text editor. Doesn't support tab button that well to my knowledge
Prime Tube - A good interface which lets your search for youtube videos
MINE for Facebook - Show your Facebook timeline, post updates, comments, notifications
Manga Tree - Show your favorite mangas to read that are available
Anime Seasons - Shows a list of current and upcoming anime and what they are about
FML - You know what this is
Engadget - Read about news and technology
Newegg - Shopping
JetPack Joyride - A fun scrolling game
Fresh Paint - A realistic and fun painting application
how stuff works - how things work!
PDF Touch - Read and annotate PDFs


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Where's My Water is a fun game and for a password manager I recommend MetroPass. One of the better games is My Country which like Sim City.