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Hi, I have 2 surface RT's, one with touch kb one with type kb. I'm looking to get a pro. I love my RT's, but I wish there was a usb charging option, finding a spare outlet is a PITA at times. I'm trying to configure them to sync tot he same MS account as I use on my windows 8 vm's and 2012 servers. I want to get the desktop migration working so I can easily move from machine to machine.
Welcome to the forum. I understand about wanting to be able to charge from usb but usb was never really meant to be a power/charging standard. The power offered by usb simply isn't enough even in the case of the "high power" 5V @ 2A for the Surface tablets. There are options to use external battery packs though and there are a couple of threads about how to make of buy a cord to allow charging from a battery pack.

The desktop and settings migrations should be fairly straight forward.