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Hooking Surface Pro 3 to TV


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Thanks for a quick reply, and for a thorough explanation of each scenario. So it seems that Miracast might not be for me, however in my mind I really like the wireless "Minority Report" S**T !

I wish that MS Dock had an HDMI port in addition to miniDP, why did they not include it ? It is certainly expensive enough to have it. I need to have HDMI to hook up to my AV Receiver.

I will have to figure it out, but any additional opinions are welcome !




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I guess it is because HDMI is more a media standard, whereas DP is more for professional and office use, the kind of thing the sP3 is really built for. But yes, still a poor show, could have at least had two connectors instead of making you plug one moniter into the dock and the second into the surface port (unless you are lucky enough to have compatible daisychain monitors.

I can't see why you wouldn't be able to use an hdmi to display port cable to run to your AV receiver.

The WDA is definitely a great little thing to have at hand, but I just wouldn't rely on it for any serious use, just films and tv.