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Hot Bagging on Camera unlock


I've been really annoyed that on the occasion that I forget to fully shutdown or if a shutdown didn't complete prior to my closing the keyboard lid, that some button combination is waking up my SP3 to camera mode and heating up in my confined laptop bag.

Two questions:
1. is there an option that will force windows to fully shutdown after X amount of minutes. usually I'm good at waiting for it to fully turn off but sometimes I think its off when it isn't...

2. how do I turn of the camera at lock screen? I feel if it never gets to the camera app, the screen will timeout on its own instead of waiting for me to take a photo.



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You can disable it from settings> pc and devices> lock screen. At the bottom it will have a switch to turn the cam shortcut on or off.


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You can also set your 'close lid' action to either shut down or do nothing, either of which should solve your problem.