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SP3 not really shutting down


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First of all I’m glad that I found this nice community since I switched my Android tablet for a Surface 3 Pro (I5, 128 GB) a week ago. So far I’m very happy with the device.
Unfortunately I’ve got one problem which I was unable to solve by myself:

I think my surface is not shutting down properly. When I hit the shutdown button at the metro desk, windows stats that it is shutting down and shortly after the screen gets black. Also fan goes off if it was running, and no vibration when hitting the windows button.
BUT ... after about 4 to 5 Minutes, the Surface suddenly wakes up again without hitting any button. Windows boots fine without an error message. However, the “windows event viewer” (not sure if it is called like this in English) shows an unexpected shutdown.

So, my guess is, that the shutdown is not completed, windows crashes and the surface reboots. Learning about this, it tried multiple restarts. Chances are about 50 – 50 that the surface reboots fine. It always seems to shutdown properly, display goes black but not necessarily come up again. If it does not, I have to hold the ON/OFF switch for about 10 sec to reset it. After that, it boots fine.

I think, the problem is related to the wifi drivers. If I switch to airplane mode prior shutting down, it stays off or doing a restart just fine.

Question is, what to do? I did not install any kind of other drives, besides doing all windows updated. I have not installed any kind of special software like antivirus or other system tools, besides the windows homeserver client for backup reasons. But disabling it did not change anything.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m working myself at the IT-Department and using windows since 3.0, so I think I’m not a total noob. But some input here would be very appreciated. :)

Let me know if you should post any logs or more details. Thanks!


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Ok, short answering to myself in case someone else encounters the same problem:

In my case, the problem was the "FRITZ!Fernzugang" (Version 01.03.01) software by popular German manufacturer AVM. After installing this VPN software, my Surface did not shutdown properly.

Also uninstall of the software did not help. Had to reinstall windows on the device completely.