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How Did You Hear About SurfaceForums.net - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?


Bing search trying to find information about security testing Windows store apps. Found this instead which was probably more interesting :)


I actually found this forum during many searches for questions I had, on my way to finally purchasing a Surface Pro. I have yet to purchase it, but I should have it in my grubby hands within a week or two, at most. From my searches, I can safely say that this is easily the best and most complete forum for anything related to the Surface hardware.


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Found the forum while waiting for my Surface RT to arrive. I am happy that I found it! You all are really nice folks who hang around here!


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How I got here............

I was on droidforum and the top of the page asked if I wanted to win a Surface and linked me here.

Sure I want to win a Surface!! But the contests seem to be over with. My Lenovo will have to do for the time being, but the Surface sounds great.


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As a proud owner of a Surface RT, I was looking for an answer to a question, and discovered there's a whole forum dedicated to answering questions!

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