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How do I get prints of photos taken by my Microsoft Surface?


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I went into my usual printer, PhotoBox, but I found I could not install their uploading software. Advice please on where to order my prints. Thanks.


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Oh, it won't work. Their layout and upload software is x86 based. Sorry.


Wait, you just need upload? I think they have web upload, but i'm not sure.
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I've been onto Microsoft Surface support. They had no useful suggestion apart from using theprintspace.co.uk but its prices are horrendous. Surely lots of users want to make prints of their photos. If only I could Winzip them and send them to my old computer.


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PS I have managed to zip photos and send them to my desktop. Guess I'm answering my own questions!

Arizona Willie

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Do you have a wireless network at home? Is your printer connected to the wireless network?
If not, can it be connected to the network?

If not, get a new printer.

If so, you should be able to just send them to the printer with no problem.

Lacking that, you could always use the sneakernet. Stick a thumb drive in the USB port of the Surface, copy the pictures to the thumb drive, then put the thumb drive in your desktop ( or directly in your printer if it supports that ) and print from your desktop.
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