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How do I get the "old" forum look back?


There it is! I knew this was going to be a topic somewhere.

There is no going back for each user. It's an all or nothing thing. Many of my forums that I regularly visit did some type of an upgrade and it basically stinks.

Basically we, the users, must just adjust.


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Yeah, someone please make a dark theme. The 9 forums have one using the same version. We should just easily have one too.


Recommend you continue to remind the administrators that not everyone is pleased with the changes. While it would have been preferable to have been consulted prior to the decision to turn everything upside down, if you speak up now, perhaps someone will listen after the fact.

This white color scheme hurts my eyes too. I am also not pleased with the reduction of moderator functionality. Just reminding.


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Just checking. Haven't been back in a while because I can't stand reading the forum in this light.


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Lets face it, we hate change. They recently switched the position of "Active Topics" and "Members" on the Menu causing me to hit the wrong one out of habit. Black to white is a bigger change (actually I never saw it black so I'm assuming here) but black also has that "Dark Side" connotation. I doubt I would hang around if it was black so there's an underlying preference to the whole thing. I also don't like darkly decorated rooms or Hotels with the Dark theme like some Old English themed places and I think it's kinda depressing. Long live the light. :)


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Awesomeness. Just found an awesome plugin on Firefox called Color that site! Allows me to change any website color.
Really didn't want to go back to it as I really want my tabs to sync with IE, but this site left me no choice.

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