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How much can you trust to Windows Battery report?

First, I would like to buy a Surface Book from a person who is a bit further away from me, so say it blindly.
I asked him to take a picture of the Windows battery report and I got this from the pictures.
According to this, if it is relevant at all, the batteries are not charged often, the capacity is not so bad for a 7-year-old laptop.
How much can you trust this and tell yourself that the batteries are relatively okay?
I have a warranty on this laptop but it doesn't apply if the batteries are bad very likely.
The seller will just say you bought an 8 year old device.
I say this from experience last time I also blindly ordered a Surface Book which had good capacities but a little more cycles.
When I came home and recharged the device a couple of times, the capacity was almost halved and the battery in the tablet could not last more than half an hour, even though it showed here in the right corner of the clock that it should last 2 hours.
Thank God I returned the device from another problem.


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The Windows battery report, as far as I know, just pulls the self-reported data straight from the battery pack(s). This seems fine to me, as they appear to be holding the vast majority of their original charge capacity, if the data is indeed current.


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I have some "olde" devices and I find occasionally fully charging then discharging several times improves the battery runtime. FWIW