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How do I move XBox file to SD drive?


I finally expanded my Surface RT drive space and I pointed my libraries to the new SD card through the root C:. However, I found the Surface just rebuilt the Xbox music drive where it had been and then started re downloading all of the music. I moved the directory back and after redownloading everything anyway, all was/is well. I have 9 GB of music. I need that space on my primary hard drive. How do I successfully move it to the SD drive and not have my surface try and rebuild it? I love my new space on my SD card but I am finding it very hard trying to get the Surface to use any of it as the default destination for anything. And much to my chagrin, I cannot move my podcasts to the new SD. No option in the APP.


I finally got Xbox Music moved and recognized by the OS. In the end it was silly and I simply needed to re select the SD location as the default location for the music library. After that, everything worked. Now if we can just get app designers to allow SD storage as an option for data storage 'PushPod'.
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