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How do I pair a supported Bluetooth stylus with Photoshop Mix?


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Hello all,

It was my 16th birthday party on May 15th and I was happy to have received all gifts from my family. Firstly, I received one tiger doll from my aunt. As she knows, from my childhood I liked playing with the tiger doll. Then I got one present from my parents. They bought one favorite stylus for me and I was surprised of what I received though I didn't know if it is compatible.

After opening up the box, I found that is my preferable stylus. As I drew pictures on my Surface Pro 4 tablet by fingers, I never used passive pens before. After trying, I found fingers could be replaceable by styli.

During my use of stylus, I encountered one puzzling problem with which I can not deal.

I can't seem to find the answer to this seemingly simple question anywhere! I have a "pencil by Asin: B074847T3T" stylus, which is supposedly supported by photoshop mix. Yet I can't seem to find where in the app I may sync it with my iPad Air. with other apps that support the stylus, there is usually a place under preferences, or an especially designated stylus tab, where I can do that. But not so on photoshop mix. Please shed some light on this apparently obscure matter, as I've searched for hours on end online and within ! the app, to no avail.

Many thanks in advance.