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Solved How do you use the power button to allow the surface to enter InstantGo (connected standby)


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InstantGo (also known as connected standby) is the special standby mode that the surface pro 3 enters that allows it to go into a very light sleep and resume almost instantaneously (like an iPad or other arm tablet).

However I am wondering if this state can be activated by pressing the power button on the surface.


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I believe you are referring to Connected Standby. I think that's what they used to call it back in the day.

Anyways, Sleep is Connected Standby. Put your SP3 to sleep, and it's actually in Connected Standby. When I press my power button, or simply close the Type Cover, it goes into Connected Standby.

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Hi all,

I have solved this issue!

It had arisen because I enabled hyper-v, which forced the surface to hibernate when the power button was pressed.

Once hyper-v was disabled, the power button put the surface back to sleep (instantgo mode)