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Dell P2715Q - Flashes "Entering Power Save Mode" every 35 sec. while SP3 is sleeping


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Configuration: Windows 10 (10586.104, current on all updates), Surface Pro 3, mDP --> DP cable on Dell P2715Q

As soon as the Surface goes to sleep (OR the OS turns the monitor off after X minutes), the P2715Q says "Entering power save mode"...and then does...and then 35 seconds later turns back on to say "Entering power save mode" again...and then just loops like that over and over like clockwork. This is really annoying when you're trying to sleep and it keeps lighting up the room. :(

It does not do this when the Surface is off or hibernating...only when it's asleep (via timer or manually) or the displays have turned off after X minutes of inactivity.

Connected standby mode is apparently still pinging the monitor because Dell directed me over here (http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/peripherals/f/3529/p/19675965/20884446). This seems like a bug in the OS or firmware, but does anyone have any suggestions on resolving the issue, or has experienced the same thing on the same or different monitors? It is a brand new monitor, and previous ViewSonic monitors have not done this.

Thanks for any help!


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The bug is in pyro76 operating system. If you press the on / off switch on your monitor when you go to bed it won't flash if the Surface pings it while you are asleep. ;-)


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Indeed, thanks for the suggestion vic20ian1. That's what I'm currently using as a workaround. A minor inconvenience; and a little more of an inconvenience that it also causes my open windows to shuffle around.

I've reported the bug via Windows Feedback, but maybe in the meantime I was hoping there could be some registry, display, or driver setting I can tweak to solve it?