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How much can my SP4 potentially resell for?


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I've always been fascinated about this form factor ever since the first Surface came out. I remember how I argue with my coworker all the time that Surface is the future. There's nothing I don't dislike much until recently. I realized I tried to adapt to this lifestyle even if it means to have a lower productivity lifestyle. I have an i7 CPU laptop at home which is basically my desktop and it's my main workhorse so sometimes my toleration between the performance of a dual-core U CPU, the i5 the SP4 has -- it's hard to not get frustrated sometimes when things hang a little. But I do have a habit of running 10-15 chrome tabs, open MS word, several PDF files, and sometimes try to watch a video on youtube all at the same time.

This is my regular routine that I am used to doing on my i7 laptop. So yeah, when my SP4 stutters to do these tasks, it's frustrating. So I'm considering to sell my baby-ed SP4. Wondering how much it'll still worth.

Here's a list of info of it

i5-6300U, 8GB, 256GB SSD

No scratches/dents
Covered in DBrand skin
Inside a $70 rubberize case
Black keyboard (no fingerprint)
Surface Pen (original condition)
Surface Pen extra tips box
It still has original charger
I'd rate the overall condition to be about 9/10
basically, it's just like new except the smell that new techs have :p

I live in Toronto, ON (Canada). So how much should I look for? Any suggestions?


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Just been on eBay (picked up a nice SP4-i5 bundle), I'd say your package is worth between $800 and $1,000 since new ones w/keyboard are going for around $1,300.