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how to connect a DVI-D monitor - please clarify

Enrico D.


I connected successfully my 2560x1600 monitor that has only a DVI-D dual link port.

I bought a startech.com adapert that is ACTIVE because I wanted to connect it to the docking, but the docking is problematic for some set up, so didn't worked was flickering.

So I connected it to the Sp3 mini displayport and it work perfectly.

But, I've read many times in this forum that to the Sp3 device it is possible to use even a passive cable!
Is it true? so could I try to connect my monitor with a simple mdp to dvi-d passive cable?

please clarify, if it is true and correct and if I will not have some issue for some reason, I repeat I need
to connect a 2560x1600 monitor, so I hope to have some feedback from who did it with a dvi-d dual monitor and not a lower resolution.

If possible, I will have 1 usb port again free (the active adapter need it!)

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I have two clients working with two passive DVI connections to there monitors with one connected to the SP3 dock and the other connected directly to the Surface. Our Acer monitors only go to 1920 x 1080.

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