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[PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

Finally! :) very pleased with my myself. A month and a half of doing uni work in bed, no more!

42" LG something or other, old, hums on dark screens, but it's had a long life
24" samsung something, about 10 years old
SP3, naturally
Denon AVR 1906
Gale something or others, picked them up for a song about 10 years ago, no room for my real hifi setup
Dinovo edge
MS ergonomic
MX anywhere mouse

Not too shabby for a student room :) only takes up about 1/6 of the room with the chair in place.

I'm a very happy little boy :) Damned glad i went with my sense and avoided student halls/houses. Saw a friends the other day and they could barely fit a laptop on their desk let alone enjoy the luxury of a tv or double bed.
I shall update in the next few days. Got a pair of LG 27MB65PYB monitors in the post. Lg state they have display port, the site i got them from states just vga and dvi, so ive no idea how ill connect them, not even any reviews to tell me if theyre any good, but it was scholarship money that i could only spend at the uni shop, and these were the best 27 inch monitors they carry. Trying to decide between the ms dock or the ud9600, hedging towards the dock due to it freeing up my charger, and less clutter.
My simple home office setup.

SP3 i5/8GB/256GB
Dell 22"
Lenovo USB 3.0 Dock/DisplayLink (attached to the back of the monitor)
Microsoft Arc Keyboard (USB)
Kensington USB Mouse (USB)
**and my Lego figures (from my son)
**along with my clay froggy (from my son)
**My son's Lego creation to hold my iPhone.
**We're a Lego family.... :)


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