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[PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

Enrico D.

Please post the photos of your set up... of your surface pro 3 and how you use it,
I exepect to see it connect to multi display etc etc, please write also if you can of the models of devices you are using (Display, adaptors, cables, keyboars etc etc.

I start as first!!! This is my photo and specs

Surface Pro 3 i7 256 gb (lot 1429)
Monitor LG W3000 2560x1600 resolution connected directly to the Sp3 mini display port with a Startech Mini Displayport to DVI-D dual link active adaptor
Logitech Keyboard K810 bluetooh, charge via micro usb - no battery
Logitech Ultra thin mouse T630 bluetooh, charge via micro usb - no battery
Coming soon: looking for a bluetooh speakers max 2x5 W similar to the dell bar I have attached now to the Sp3 device.

In the photo I have some table open of pokerstars. Fit in my set up 9 tables on the Sp3 and 20 on the external display.

That's all, waiting your photos!!!



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Surface 3 I5/256ssd/8gig ram
Surface Pro 3 Dock - This thing is awesome
Connected to my Sony Bravia 32inch displayport to HDMI
Also my PS4 in the back with the PS4 Camera for streaming to twitch!
Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Razer Orochi mouse.
I also have a 1 terabyte HD for Media backup and a 256SSD Msata in a small case for on the go
both plugged to the dock.



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Home use only for me... Sitting on the coffee table in my living room. :)

I don't use a keyboard often but when I do, I prefer the SP3 type cover :p



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Here's one of my setups. Connected to an Asus VS247 monitor, MOTU Audio Express audio interface, KRK Roket 6 monitors, Microsoft Arc keyboard, Logitech mouse. In this shot I'm running Bitwig Studio laying down some guitar tracks. The synth on the desk is a Korg MS-20 Mini.

The other places you would frequently see my SP3 is flat on a desk in portrait mode taking notes with OneNote, or on my lap surfing the web.



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I really do need to get the dock, but my usb 2.0 hub and minidp to hdmi adapter must do for now.

Surface Pro 3 i5 256gb
Huion gt 220 graphics monitor ( with its own digitizer screen)
Logitech MX Revo mouse
Nostromo N52 keypad
Ikea Jerker desk set to a standing configuration (Also got a drafting table style seat but its most comfortable standing, plus the type keyboard isn't really usable while sitting.)

I have a giant 16 outlet power strip behind everything. Most of my stuff on this desk is actually setup as a charging station, theres no danger of blowing a circuit as only the monitor and SP3 are drawing power most of the time.

Whats usually charging:
2012 Nexus 7
MX revo mouse when needed
PSP 1000
DS lite
3DS XL with charging dock
Galaxy Note 3
Sony Bluetooth mic
Soundfreaq Bluetooth speaker
(usually stays with the home setup these days for music)
Arctic Bluetooth speaker
(way more portable than the soundfreaq but sounds worse, more for portability sake)
Gen 1 Dual shock 2 ps3 controller (the original ones that came with the original ps3`s. Love to use it with my nexus 7 as the controller is so light it hardly adds weight)


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Business psychology student, don't even have a desk. Landlord is an uncooperative expletive.


Normally there would be a 24" Samsung something or other, rather old but does the job just great, a nexus 10, nexus 7 2013, dinovo edge, Microsoft ergonomic job, MX anywhere mouse, and then some antique monitor audio floorstanders, denon av receiver, dale bookshelf's, and a mourdant sub. Oh, and my main display, a 42" LCD. For now though, I have a bed, and an uncomfortable one at that.


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My dual use set-up for my work laptop when I bring it home since I don't have VPN rights on my SP3.

Dell U2412M
Samsung SyncMaster 216BW (need a new monitor)
Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock
SP3 i5/8GB/256GB