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How to delete Windows.old (7gigs) after update...


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I did this earlier without even seeing this article. Used disk cleanup to get rid of older windows stuff and of older drivers I don't need. It freed about 6gb of internal storage space for me.

Now time to decide what new steam game on sale I want to install..lol


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But I did have it after the upgrade. I upgraded Win8 to Win8.1 on my Surface, no custom installation, not formatting any partition and I did have a Windows.old folder in my root directory because I checked it to see the size (3.8GB) with the plan to remove it later via Disk cleanup. But when I did it wasn't there. Very strange. Could an automatic update have deleted it? I still have the same free SSD space on my C drive, not 3.8GB more than after the update (the update gave me about 5-6GB more space than I had in Win8.

Odd. I noticed the same thing on my RT too - post updating to 8.1. Don't really know what's going on, but as long as the device works fine, I don't really care - though I would be interested to know.


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You-know-what the weirdest thing happened. I did what I mentioned in previous post and saw the reflected free space. Then a little while later, after I rebooted I saw 10 more gigs of free space came outta nowhwere. It was correct. I had no complaints..haha