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How to disable prompt to send crash data to Microsoft?


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The first weekend I go my Surface Pro, I ended up doing a Refresh due to some problem with one of my software installations.

During the setup, I remember selecting the options to not send Microsoft any information. But, recently, when I reboot, from time-to-time after the boot, I get a message stating that my system had crashed and asking if I want to send the information to Microsoft.

Is there a way to completely disable that? I don't ever want to be prompted for that because my answer is always "Don't send."

It's in Action Center | Maintenance | Settings. There are 4 different options you can select. I know which one you will pick!
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Maybe it's this:

Control Panel>System and Security>Action Center> Change Action Center settings (Left Hand Side) > Check the settings on the bottom that says Related Settings.
Hi all,

Thanks very much for the info!!

So this was all about checking for a solution? That's why they wanted the data?

I'd rather be given an error code so that I can go to their website and search myself. :)

Thanks again...I appreciate your help!