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How to erase old files after Update


when i did the last windows update, I noticed the downloaded files occupied about 500mb. I expected the older files to be removed after installing the update (replaced by the new ones). However, I realised that the free space on my SSD had been reduced by 500mb, so I guess the computer has still the older files stored. I don't really like that, 'cause that means with every update I will be losing free space on my SSD, and that's quite a problem when the storing capacity is not excessive.
Is it always like this? Does it mean that with every Update I will be losing half a Gigabyte?


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Disk Cleanup have the option of removing old update files or you can navigate manually to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.

SpaceSniffer is the utility I recommend for a visual interface of your hard drive.


Thanks for your answer. If I navigate manually to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download, how can I know which files can be erased? I understand the files of the new updates are also in that folder, aren't they?


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Run Disk Clean Up and select Clean System Files, it is the safest way to do what you're trying to do...

To get to Disk Clean Up, right click on "C" and select properties...Disk Cleanup....when the Control Panel comes up select Clean Up System Files

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