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[How To] Free Up 4 Gigabytes of Storage Space on RT


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Wanna learn how to free up 4 gigs of storage space on your Surface RT? Find out how by watching my video. :)



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Nice video and brings up a very good point about the Surface RT's storage and complaints that too much of the space is used by MS. Recovery being 4GB is substantial but unlike iPad this means you don't have to have a PC to backup to. On an iPad if you want to restore you have to do it through iTunes. MS simply included the recovery built in to the tablet so you don't have be tied to a PC for restoration. By using this trick you make a recovery drive and free up your space and still don't need a PC to restore. This is actually a big advantage over iPad and since the space is recoverable a big win for Surface RT.


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Any ideas on what to do? I deleted the recovery partition on the surface. Later the USB drive was scanned for errors and fixed and the files were deleted. I tried to redo but now I only show 252 mb used on the thumb drive. I have bootmgr.edi, and these 3 folders: sources, efi, boot.