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Free Storage Space increased after last couple of updates

Tom T

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A couple weeks ago I noticed after the Tuesday patch/updates my free space had increased about 800megs, to almost exactly 12gigs, and after last weeks updates I notice I have 13gigs free. The initial gain I figured had to do with finishing the Office updates, but I wonder if Microsoft is addressing the storage concerns somehow, maybe tidying up a bit. Anyone else notice this?


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Good news if true. I keep all my data on my microSD and am saving the hard drive for apps. I check them about once a week to see how much space they are taking up but haven't noticed any significant changes like you did.


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Search the free space threads. I think what you might actually be seeing is the freeing of space due to an error log. The RTs have an error log that gets stuck and won't send and can take up any where from 4GB to x?GB of space. More than likely you ran a disk clean up or an automated one ran and freed up that space. I don't think it has to do with the updates but that is also possible.