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How tough is the SP4?


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Just how tough is the Sp4´s structural integrity? Some examples include, Is the glass scratch proof, impact resistant, does the screen crack easily with a ground level drop, does the device repel water easily or do open ports and vents allow for easy inside access, power surges, heat, cold, scratching, denting, breaking completely, ect. Overall would you say its more delicate than a standard Ultrabook or well built laptop?
Just as soon as you can send me a test unit, I will run those tests and get back to you...

Seriously though, it is about as tough as a normal non-ruggedized ultrabook. One would avoid dropping it, or dunking it into water etc. If you are hell bent on doing those things, then this is not the machine for you. You would probably require a Mil Spec ruggedized Tablet or Laptop.
It will survive some drops but not others. If for example it lands on a corner of the surface, the screen will likely crack. Of course the material it lands on will make a difference. I would recommend getting Microsoft Complete, if you haven't already. I have had no issues having the unit replaced after I recently cracked a screen.
I am not planning on doing anything, I was just curious how durable it is. I see they used Gorilla glass 4 and magnesium alloy for the body. This sounds pretty durable, but then again it is a very difficult item to have repaired. I would love to get Microsoft Complete, but I called Microsoft and they said I had to order it when I placed my order online. There are no Microsoft stores in Europe I can go to, although I am still within the 45 day window.