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Surface Book 2 USB Issues?


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Has anyone encountered this issue?

ALWAYS after startup, my Surface Book 2 touchpad freezes for 1-3 seconds several times. After it's done freezing, it gives off the "USB has connected" sound, stops freezing, then does it again and again for about 4-5 times. After it's done with that, it NEVER freezes again until the next startup. What's funny is that, during the freeze, the touch on the screen still works with no problems.

Additionally, NONE of the USB slots are working, despite uninstalling all usb drivers in device manager, disabling suspension of usb in regedit, and reformatting.

I'm guessing this is a hardware issue?


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Nope, don't think so. Mine stops freezing after 4-5 times and never freezes again unless you restart or it sleeps.

Also, this happens if i have my device manager open while it's freezing
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The working just after startup is one of the symptoms. Voltages have not settled in. Devices are still connecting. A poor connection may not be supplying proper voltage while computer is warming up.

In essence, a hardware issue, as you suspect.

Worth a try.