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Hyper V question.


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Read somewhere that you can turn Hyper V on, change the power management setting on the network adapter to not turn off to save battery life, then turn Hyper V back off and the setting should stay and that could fix your network problems. Every time I do this afterwards if I use the power button, to enter sleep mode, or let the screen turn, I have power my SP3 back up using volume up plus the power button. My SP3 refuses to sleep just powers off. Is there a way around this?

Sorry if I have already asked this using a few different forums and tend to mix things up.


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Do you see the standby option in the power button of the Start Screen? If you don't see it that means that you still have Hyper V active.

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The sleep option comes back yes, no Hibernate but not sure if I had that in the first place. Doing this will also stop it from restarting, it just turns off and I have to use the volume down plus power button to get it to come back on.

Edit: Seems to be something with changing the setting because when I turn off the power saver setting it also turns off the enable to wake the device with the network adapter. If I turn Hyper V back on and change those settings back on then turn Hyper V back off it seems to go back to normal...
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