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I got my SP4 10 minutes ago.... I'm stuck on the boot screen



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Note that you need to continue checking for updates until there are none displayed. Applying some updates then requires followup updates. In the case of the systems I've had in my office it has been at least 3 times.
good advice, I'll make sure to be aggressive about it this time. Fingers crossed here!


I had a very similar experience with my first SP4. Unable to resolve all the problems after spending nearly 6 hours of time with MS Support trying various fixes. Even a full disk re-image didn't resolve the issue. I returned it to Best Buy the next day. New Sp4 has had far fewer issues. Most common issue I still see is the display driver failure message. It seems MS still has some issues to resolve either with Win10 or SP4 hardware or both. When it all works, its great!