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windows wont boot


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Best fellow surfuce pro users.

I got from my girlfriend her surface pro to repair. She told me that from one moment the tablet had a blue screen.
And asked politly if i could help her.
Turning the device on gave me a blue screen that said recovery and gave me this information

Your PC needs to be repaired

The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information

File: \BCD

Error code: 0xc0000034

Only with the option to go to uefi setting when pressing the windows button.

I dowloaded windows 8 and thought i was able to restore the file that was missing trought a bootable usb.
The i found out that pressing the volume down key and then the on button would let me boot in the usb stick, this unfortanly didnt happen and now i am still stuck in the blue recovery screen with no options. ( the usb stick works fine on a windows laptop)
I searched forums why i coudnt boot from the usb stick , called microsoft but didnt get any answers.
Maybe someone in this forum could help me.

I would be very gratefull.


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Before you can boot the SurfacePro from an USB stick you have to disable the secure boot option in the UEFI BIOS.
Start the device holding down the volume UP key and the the on button.
This should offer you the BIOS options.
Disable the secure boot option - and don't remove any keys!
Then turn off the device.

Now you should be able to start from the USB stick as you have described before.

Don't forget to re-enablt the secure boot option later on.

Good luck,


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Thank you Robert for your reaction,

This unfortunaly failed ,as i am able to go with the volume up button to the menu and disable secure boot.
It still will not boot from the usb stick. I am able to boot from it on my laptop but maybe i need a special windows 8 to boot it on the surface?

2014-03-19 10.35.35.jpg

This and the uefi menu are the only screen i get.
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Hmm, I didn't try to boot my SurfacePro with Windows 8 from USB stick but with Acronis which I use for Backup/Recovery. I had no problems booting the SurfacePro from my USB stick but t was formatted as bootable stick from Acronis running on this device.

Possibly there are some difference on a bootable stick using a computer with an UEFI bios and a non-UEFI bios? Has your laptop an UEFI bios too?

Do you have the possibility to start the SurfacePro from a CD/DVD using an external drive? Even this works on my device without problems.

Good luck,


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Thank you for your help agian. My laptop also has a uefi bios. I dont have a external cd/dvd drive.

Microsoft also did not have a answer so they said i could my surface for repair.
So with no clue what to do next and don't spent any money on a external dvd drive i see no option but sending it to microsoft.


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I had the same issue... booted to windows 8.1 disk and entered setup. I expected to see "repair your pc" but didn't have that option. so I exited the setup. when the surface rebooted it came up just fine ?? crazy but it has worked twice for me now on 2 different surface pros.


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I also had this issue, and even with Microsoft's help at the store, were unable to get Windows to boot up. So, they replaced it.
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