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I have a surface pro4 laptop The drive is full, but the contents only adds up to 25gb


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I have 25gb of files
Properties says;
total C drive 107 gb
remaining space 9.97 gb
My files are on an external hard drive.
What is taking up the space in the drive and how do I find it?
I have done the disc drive clean and checked the storage in the system


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One or more things may be happening here:

- Your drive may be partitioned into two or more virtual drives. This is unlikely if no other drive letters are showing up on your PC besides the external.
- You may have multiple backups stored away on the C drive which are hidden.
- OneDrive may not be configured to store in the cloud and optimize local storage. However, if you only have 25GB, this is also unlikely.
- You may have old email (with attachments like photos, etc.) stored away which needs to be purged or off-loaded.
- Other ...

I suggest you install Disk Analyzer Pro or similar from the Microsoft Store. It is free


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Open PC Settings - System - Storage and it will give you a breakdown of what is occupying your space, my guess is you'll find you have a large number of Temp Files (including previous versions of Windows) and then Apps and System.

It will walk you through deleting what you don't need.