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I spilled some coffee on my surface Pro, it has since died - what can I do?


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Any advice really appreciated:

I split some liquid on my Surface Pro 6, although it continued working there was a slight crackling sound so I switched it off.

It has since stopped functioning altogether.

Would anyone have any advice about possible fixes? - I really cannot afford to buy another computer.
Sorry about your spill.

This is a serious problem. Allow your Surface to dry in a vertical position with a port hole near the bottom for at least one full day. Do not power it on.

The spill may have only shorted the power supply, but more likely, has allowed some voltages to connect across circuits which damages delicate chips and components.

Videos are posted online about successes and failures regarding moisture in Surface computers.
Many thanks for the reply.

I have followed the advice now, but it may be too late for me to fix it, because I stupidly did'nt power down immediately after the spill.

But the Surface is still under the Microsoft warranty. Whilst I realize it may be expecting too much for them to fix it for free - do you know if MS could help in any way?
Unfortunately, Microsoft warranties do not cover water damage. There are water sensors in multiple places within the Surface computers. When Microsoft detects water damage, they will send it back to you and will not attempt a repair or give you any concession.

I spilled coffee into my very expensive Sony VAIO about 20 years ago. It was under warranty. I sent it in, and it came back with a note stuck on it: "Moisture damage. Also smells like coffee."
Thank you again for your attention and thought to my problem.

But I've got to say I am disappointed that a £1100/$1500 tablet computer can be completely written off because of a small coffee spillage(which I wiped off quickly), it is not as if I took it into a swimming pool.

I realize that you are perhaps are not permitted to speak on behalf of Microsoft Inc: but do you know where I would find the 'official' opinion that there is nothing I can do? I would be very grateful if your or anyone else reading this could tell me if there is an email address or actual person that I would be able to get a definitive reply from??. I am based in London, UK.

If not, I wonder if people who spend a lot of time drinking coffee or any other beverage and using tablets at the same time should even give the MS Surface Pro a shot (which is shame because it is good in other ways).

Sorry to be trollish - but given the expense of this wonderful tablet I don't really have any other option.

Apologies for putting you on the spot like this.
I made some calls and there is some hope. A Microsoft (Surface device) hardware support person recommended you detail the nature and possible severity of the issue at this site, to see if you can get help:

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