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I want to love my new Surface Pro 6 But mouse is driving me crazy


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Just so you know you are not alone I am having the same issue.

I purchased the i5 128GB bundle and using the touchpad the mouse jitters and hangs frequently.

I removed the keyboard and reinstalled and also messed with the settings to no avail.

I used my older SP5 keyboard and no issues.

I have decided to return the bundle and just ordered the SP 6 alone and will use my old keyboard


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It is peculiar that two Surface Pro 6 computers would have this same issue.

However, you *may* have a Service, or application, or [gasp] keylogger or spyware [/gasp] running.

What software have you installed? When I’m Airplane Mode, are the symptoms the same, or very nearly the same?

Check out Task Manager. Look for something unusual or suspicious.

David M Hodges

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I have made arrangements to return my Surface Pro 6 and accessories.
Thank you for attempting to help.
I fear future issues will continue to be a problem.


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Would there be a difference between Alcantara keyboards and regular keyboards? I do not have this issue mentioned. No lag at all on the touchpad. In fact, I am surprised at how responsive it is. Never used a touchpad that was THIS good!