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Do I Don't I Buy A Pro 6?

Atomic UK

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My trusty Dell laptop of the past 8 years needs to be replaced after having been pushed hard and served me well.

I am going to be travelling a lot by air, so I want something compact, powerful and reliable.
The Surface Pro 6 has been on my radar for almost a year and I have a basket to buy locked and loaded with the i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

Before I do....I would loved to read your comments.
Any regrets on going this route rather than an all out laptop?
Any buggy things still not resolved?
Battery life fair when not used for gaming good??

Thanks in advance.


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Okay, I do not have a SP6.

But I have owned Surface, Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro, Surface 3 Pro, and Surface Book 2 (both standard and 15 inch). I travel much, and in my field (geophysics, earth science), I have had much field work. I don't do gaming, but I do use multimedia, workstation, intense number crunching, and presentation graphics often.

The ruggedness, battery life, and overall quality of my Surface Book 2 (both 1TB models) is beyond my best hopes. Don't forget to consider Surfaced Book 2 in your quest.

Best wishes.


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I don't know what it is like to use in a business environment or as a main laptop, but, aside from battery life, I believe the Surface Pro is the direction that mobile computing should go in. The Surface Book has great battery life....when attached to the keyboard base....in tablet form, not so much. Maybe 2 hours of battery life detached and then you have to re-attach it to the base to recharge. However, a lot of people still like having a keyboard attached to their Surface Pro and using it like a laptop.

Personally, I use my Surface Pro 6 in tablet mode MORE than as a laptop. Being able to read tech news blogs, etc, in portrait mode for 4 hours or more without needing to have to charge the tablet on the keyboard base because the battery is dying, or needing the space for a laptop base to fit makes it a huge plus for me. I also like the fact that it has the power to be used for work as long as you're not trying to edit video or do some crazy graphics work on the go. If you are always on the go, the battery life of the Surface Book 2 will be a MASSIVE plus, however, the Surface Pro 6 can handle a majority of workloads with just the Core i5 CPU, I can't imagine how powerful the Core i7 Surface Pro 6 is....though I am sure the battery life may take a hit due to the extra power.

Good luck in your decision making though. They are both great devices, but everyone's needs are different. The Surface Pro 6 just so happens to cover a nice range of computing needs while also having a tablet form factor with the battery charge lasting the same amount of time as if it were in "laptop" mode.


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I think that was a good purchase. I use my surfSur Pro full time! Both for private and business. Time and again I am surprised that I pull a tablet out of my bag and I have a full blown working machine. No concessions.

I have a Surface Pro 2017 i5 256 8 with lte. Only downside is the screen. It has light bleed and this is the third one that has it.


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Actually, the Surface Pro 7 was just announced. May wanna get one of those instead.....the Surface Pro 6 is cheaper though...but still....