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Red touch cover in the UK?


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Hi all.
I'm getting a surface 2 for Christmas and was wanting to get the touch cover for it (only using it for light work / entertainment so no need for type).
Initially I was holding out for some more colours for the touch 2 but have read that they cant do any other colours due to the backlight.

So I thought instead I would get the gen 1 version. I cant seem to find the red version in the UK though. Was it never sold over here? I find it a bit strange that it remains tantalisingly out of reach on the US store (With a recent price cut too) and there is no stock in this country.
Do I have to bite the bullet or am I missing something?


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I don't think you can get that in the UK - thought the UK site does show those Limited Edition covers. Pity though. While I am not looking for a Cover - I have one - I would like the Arc Mouse (Surface Edition), which is also unavailable. I think it is available in the US Store, but not here in the UK. I wonder why MS does this!