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Let's Talk About the Touch Cover


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i am very impressed with touch cover,
it has some awesome features:

  • only 3mm
  • magnetically attached
  • protect your surface
  • crafted from the finest Polartec
  • full multi-touch keyboard and trackpad
  • accelerometer
  • velocity sensor (great for music production)
  • windows 8 will auto adjust color to touch cover color
  • can easily distinguish between you simply resting your hands on the keyboard and actually typing

not much more someone could want except glowing keys :)

do you think it will be included with the surface?
is ms going for the accessories market?
would you pay more or less than $50 for the Touch Cover only ?
The touch cover will have to come with it. They wouldn't be pushing it as much as they are and saying its what really makes it stand out and then ask you to buy it. Its a great design and looks amazing. I will be getting red.. if it came to it I wouldn't pay over $30 being how I already paying a lot for the tablet.
I would buy it as an accessory, and pay more than $50 (if Necessary). Very cool technology IMO.
I would hope the price of the keyboard would be included in the price of the tablet. Being late into the tablet game Microsoft will need to give people a reason to purchse their new product.
Lets talk about the Touch Cover

Before buying colors outside of black you might want to see it they can be cleaned. Had a white keyboard once and I was always cleaning it because of finger oil/dirt, etc.
Well id say $112 is quite a bit more than $50, it turns out. :p still was ok forking that much out for mine. really like typing on it
Unfortunately the touch cover did not work for me and I will be returning mine today. I love the type cover and wish it came in other colors and also didn't have that felt back.