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If it feels like your Surface Pro 6 is getting a LOT slower try the September 2023 drivers from Microsoft first!


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The September drivers are available on Microsoft's website.

I noticed my Surface Pro 6 was slowing down to almost a crawl. Whenever I would type there was a pretty big delay between when the letters would show up after I press them while touch typing.

I also noticed that, strangely, a lot of very simple apps would still open pretty slowly even though there was not much to them. I ran the check disk and system file checker as well as scanning for infections with different antivirus applications as well as the built in antivirus and nothing really did too much except minor performance improvement.

This afternoon I was searching to see if there was any drivers available for download (I never really tried looking for them because Windows Update would almost always get the latest driver when one was available and would install it) and got a hit from the Microsoft website. Found the final Surface Pro 6 drivers and installed them and rebooted my Surface Pro 6.......

The lock screen came up faster than usual.....then Windows Hello came up REALLY QUICKLY and immediately unlocked my Surface Pro 6. I was pretty surprised. Now I'm noticing a LOT more performance from my Surface Pro 6 especially in response time.

Anyway, as always I wanted to share on here in hopes that this helps anyone else that still has their Surface Pro 6 and feels like it's so bad that even typing is terribly slow and is hoping there's something to fix it.