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I'm actually optimistic for Windows 8.1


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there were additional posts from me and mitch which were deleted. Rightfully so..that is the part he was referring to. the forum which was a great place to get and share ideas has recently become a place to bitch. And I got swep up in it. I hope the minority which is continuing to complain about everything should just move on.


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Disagreed. If everyone plays nice and pretends the tiger isn't there are we safe because we imagine it to be so? We are exactly as safe as the tiger is full. Saying its all honky-dory or being intimidated into that course is hogwash. Yes if you're trolling and making wild claims, that's one thing, but honestly discussing your thoughts is another.


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Machistmo, I am sorry you are under the wrong impression opinions are fine and expressing disappointment is fine. Mr.NK was simply pointing out that two members directly posting to one another about personal issues and devolving to the point of name calling is against the forum policy and will not be tolerated. He gave a warning and asked for a breath and rethink about where the particular discussion was heading. Nobody has been censored or admonished regarding their opinions in favor of or against anything MS related.



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TonyZ --

You changed your avatar! He doesn't look quite as perky as before. Maybe it's the hat. :)

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I'm looking forward to it for a couple of reasons. First, I just like new stuff. I can easily adapt to new interfaces and find it fun to try new things. Second, as a software engineer, I know there will be hundreds of bugs - some big, some small - that have been fixed since the last release. I know my own code gets better and better with age and I think the same applies to MS. People love Win 7 because they feel it's very refined and stable. I think Win 8 will get that way too. It might take longer than Blue but it will get there.


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Ok guys, a last warning! Any further non-constructive post and you'll receive infractions/bans.
Mitchellvii: You have the right to complain about things you don't like, but don't start a thread about every tiny thing again and again and again. You've started some threads, so keep them alive with a good discussion.

Lol, Mr.NK, you are kidding right? My "blubbering" as you so insulting put it has created some of the highest volume threads in here, or hadn't you noticed? My threads alone have generated over 12,000 page views in a month and a half.

I make this place fun. Without my "blubbering" this would be "Should I buy the Surface Pro?", "How does it work?", "What are some good cases?", "Can someone recommend a charger?" Yeah those are real barn-burners. Forums are like reality shows, if everyone agrees no one watches.

But I digress, please feel free to immediately delete any of my threads you consider unworthy of your bandwidth. They should be easy to find since according to you they are tiny things again and again and again.

P.S., I have no intention of changing a single thing about how I conduct myself.
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