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I'm glad someone decided to invent the laptop


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This is exactly what was missing from the world.

All facetiousness aside, I think this is going to be popular provided they don't screw up on apps. I would like a fully curated store from Microsoft but they should offer the ability to allow any Windows program to run.


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Most applications should run in compatibility mode on the Win8 version. Some may struggle due to high resource demand ie PhotoShop.

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A really thin and light laptop with a removable keyboard, multi-touch screen and digitizer pen ;) Don't need another laptop? Great news you can get a "traditional" tablet that runs Windows 8 instead :p


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DVD's on portable equipment are so 2000-late.

Personally, I prefer using microSD's. Mechanical drives that spin kill batteries fast. My tablet will allow me to watch non-stop movies for about 15 hours before the batteries die on it from microSD's Using a mechanical hard drive via USB, more like 7-8 hours. Not sure about a DVD drvie, but it should do the same or less.

My work laptop will rock out about 4 hours doing normal work, a DVD will cut it down to less than 2.5.

I just use DVD Catalyst to rip my movies to mp4 format and I can get lots of them in a nice little 64 GB microSD card.